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 Operating System Old Paper Winter 2022 [Marks : 70] : Click Here 

(a) List any four functions of the operating system?

(b) Explain the essential properties of
i) Batch system ii) Time sharing
iii) Real time iv) Distribute

(c) Explain process states and process control blocks in detail.

(a) What are the various criteria for a good process scheduling algorithm?

(b) What is a thread? Explain the classical thread model.

(c) How semaphores can be used to deal with the n-process critical section
problem? Explain.

(c) What is the monitor? Explain the solution for the producer-consumer problem using
the monitor.

(a) Define preemption and nonpreemption.

(b)Explain the terms related to IPC:
i) Race condition ii) Critical section iii) Mutual exclusion iv) Semaphores

(c) How does deadlock avoidance differ from deadlock prevention? Write about
deadlock avoidance algorithm in detail.

(a) Give the Difference between Thread and Process.

(b) Explain the Priority scheduling algorithm.

(c) How to characterize the structure of deadlock? Explain the two solutions of
recovery from deadlock.

(a) List out the seven RAID levels.

(b) Write a short note on the Relocation problem for multiprogramming with fixed

(c) What is paging? Discuss basic paging techniques in detail.

(a) What is the difference between logical I/O and device I/O?

(b) Write the first, best fit memory allocation techniques.

(c) Define Virtual Memory. Explain the process of converting virtual addresses
to physical addresses with a neat diagram.

(a) Explain access control list.

(b) Differentiate between Windows and Linux file system.

(c) Write about Least Recently Used page replacement algorithm all its variants
with an example.

(a) Explain the kdomain protection mechanism.

(b) Write a short note: Unix kernel.

(c) Describe in detail about variety of techniques used to improve the efficiency
and performance of secondary storage.

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