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 Operating System Old Paper Winter 2022 [Marks : 70] : Click Here 

(a) Differentiate multiprocessing and multiprogramming operating system.

(b) Write the functions of operating system.

(c) What is process? Explain process control block with all parameters.

(a) Differentiate user level and kernel level thread.

(b) What is scheduling? Explain the types of schedulers.

(c) List out various criteria for good process scheduling algorithms.
Illustrate non-preemptive priority scheduling algorithm.

(c) Differentiate process and thread. Explain process state diagram.

(a) Define following terms:
(i)Critical section (ii) Mutual exclusion (iii) Bounded waiting

(b) Define deadlock. Describe deadlock prevention in detail.

(c) Illustrate Readers and Writers IPC problem with solution.

(a) Explain Resource allocation graph.

(b) What is deadlock? List the conditions that lead to deadlock.

(c) Explain the Banker’s algorithm for deadlock avoidance with an

(a) Explain segmentation.

(b) What is external fragmentation? Explain the solution to external

(c) Explain paging hardware with TLB.

(a) Explain address binding.

(b) Explain following allocation algorithm 1) First Fit 2) Best Fit.

(c) What is page fault? Explain steps to handle page fault with diagram.

(a) Discuss the major goals of I/O software.

(b) What is virtualization? Explain the benefits of virtualization.

(c) Draw the block diagram for DMA. Write steps for DMA data transfer.

(a) Differentiate block and character devices.

(b) Explain following Unix command: grep, sort, chmod, mkdir.

(c) Write short note on RAID levels.

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