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 Object Oriented Programming-1 GTU Old Paper Summer 2022 [Marks : 70] : Click Here 

(a) List out features of Java. Explain any two features.

(b) Write a single program which demonstrates the usage of following
i) import, ii) new, iii) this, iv) break, v) continue
Show how to compile and run the program in java.

(c) Demonstrate use of try-catch construct in case of hierarchical
Exception Handling. (i.e handling various exception belongs to the
exception hierarchy)

(a) Explain following Java keywords using appropriate examples:
i) static, ii) final, iii) super

(b) Consider class A as the parent of class B. Explain among the
following which statement will show the compilation error.
i) A a = new A();
ii) A a = new B();
iii) B b = new A();
iv) B b = new B();

(c) Write a java program to take infix expressions and convert it into
prefix expressions.

(c) Write a java program that evaluates a math expression given in string
form from command line arguments.

(a) Defines types of inheritance.

(b) Explain the following constructors using appropriate example:
i) Default constructor and Parameterised constructor
ii) Shallow copy and Deep copy constructor

(c) Explain file io using byte stream with appropriate example.
hint: use FileInputStream, FileOutputStream

(a) Define types of polymorphism

(b) Explain the following:
i) Arguments and Parameters of a function
ii) Pass by Value and Pass by reference

(c) Explain file io using character stream with appropriate example.
hint: use FileReader, FileWriter

(a) Define Encapsulation and access specifier

(b) Explain multithreading using Thread class

(c) Write a short note on Java Collections.

(a) Differentiate between Abstract class and Interfaces

(b) Explain multithreading using Runnable interface

(c) Write a program to add input elements in ArrayList collection class,
then sort the inserted elements in descending order and display the
sorted output.
hint: use Collections.reverseOrder()

(a) Explain following Java keywords using appropriate examples:
i) throw, ii) throws, iii) finally

(b) In multi-threading using Thread class, explain with an example how
a start() method call invokes the run method of the class extending
Thread class.

(c) Write a short note on JAVAFX controls.

(a) Explain thread life cycle

(b) In multi-threads using the Runnable interface, explain with an
example how a start() method calls the run() method of a class
implementing a runnable interface.

(c) Develop a GUI based application using JAVAFX controls.

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