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Web Programming GTU Old Paper Winter 2022 [Marks : 70] : Click Here

(a) List and explain the website design principles.

There are several website design principles that help create a visually appealing and user-friendly website. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. Simplicity: The website design should be simple and easy to navigate. It should not be cluttered with too many elements or features that may confuse the users.
  2. Consistency: The website design should be consistent across all pages and elements. This includes the use of the same font, colors, and layout.
  3. Typography: The typography of a website should be easy to read and visually appealing. This includes the font style, size, and color.
  4. Color: The color scheme of a website should be consistent and visually appealing. It should also be chosen based on the brand and the target audience.
  5. White Space: The use of white space or negative space is important in website design. This refers to the empty space between elements and helps to create a clean and uncluttered design.

(b) Write a difference between following
b) Client-side scripting and Server-side scripting

(c) What is navigation? Discuss the characteristics of effective navigation. Also write code of html page to open a link in a new browser window.

(a) What are the key components of XML?

(b) Explain with example frames in HTML.

(c) Explain different ways to write the CSS with example.

(c) Write an HTML snippet with CSS for following effects
1. link: after visited red color and before visited green color
2. table with even rows black and odd rows green color.
3. Text color-green, Text case-uppercase

(a) State full form of following acronym. (1) DOM (2) XSL (3) DTD (4) HTTP (5) PHP (6) XML

  1. DOM – Document Object Model
  2. XSL – Extensible Stylesheet Language
  3. DTD – Document Type Definition
  4. HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  5. PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor
  6. XML – Extensible Markup Language

(b) Explain meta tag? How it is useful by search engine?

(c) Design a login form using HTML & JavaScript with following validations using Regular Expression on username and password fields. Username and Password should not be both blank Username should not start with digit, _, @ or # Password length must be 8 to 16 characters

(a) What are web services? Explain role of SOAP in Web services.

Web services are a technology used to allow different applications to communicate with each other over a network, such as the internet. They are typically implemented using standard protocols and data formats, and allow applications to exchange data and functionality in a standardized, platform-independent way.

The role of SOAP in web services is to provide a standard way of exchanging data between different applications, regardless of the underlying technology or platform. It defines a common message format, encoding rules, and communication protocol that can be used by any application that supports SOAP. This makes it possible for applications to communicate with each other over the internet, even if they are running on different operating systems, written in different programming languages, or using different databases.

(b) What is FTP? Demonstrate functionality of various FTP commands in

(c) Write a PHP script to open, close, read and write into a file.

(a) Differentiate synchronous and Asynchronous web programming

ASynchronous ProgrammingSynchronous Programming
Execution FlowBlocks until task is completedContinues to execute while task is running
PerformanceSlower performance due to blockingFaster performance due to non-blocking
User ExperienceMay cause delays and unresponsive UIProvides better user experience
Error HandlingErrors can interrupt the entire processErrors can be isolated and handled gracefully
Coding ComplexityCode can be easier to read and understandCode can be more complex and difficult to follow
ExamplesTraditional HTML forms, page reloads, and server-side renderingAJAX, WebSocket, and client-side rendering using frameworks like React or Vue

(b) Explain the use of following arrays in PHP. 1) $_REQUEST [ ] 2) $_SERVER [ ]

(c) Write a Java Script to read data from XML File and print it in tabular manner

(a) List some advantages of JavaScript.

JavaScript is a popular scripting language used in web development. Here are some advantages of using JavaScript:

  1. Client-side scripting: JavaScript runs on the client-side, which means that it is executed on the user’s computer rather than on the server. This allows for faster response times and reduces the load on the server.
  2. Interactivity: JavaScript allows for interactive web pages by enabling dynamic changes to be made to the content of a web page without the need for a page refresh. This makes the user experience more engaging and responsive.
  3. Versatility: JavaScript can be used for a wide range of applications, including form validation, image galleries, interactive maps, and more. It can also be used on different platforms, including desktop, mobile, and web.
  4. Cross-browser compatibility: JavaScript is supported by all major web browsers, making it a reliable choice for web developers.

(b) Explain in brief about XSL and XSLT with example.

(c) Develop a web application code using PHP, HTML and MySQL for Students that stores student’s enrolment no., name, semester, gender, qualification, etc. in database. Create proper GUI including buttons that run separate .php file for each database operation like insert, update, delete etc.

(a) Explain Following XSL i) Value-of ii) Sort

i) value-of is a commonly used XSLT instruction that is used to extract the value of a selected node or nodes from the input XML document and include it in the output result tree. This instruction can be used to extract text or attribute values from XML elements and attributes.

ii) sort is another commonly used XSLT instruction that is used to sort the selected nodes based on their attribute or element values. This instruction can be used to sort nodes in ascending or descending order based on their values.

(b) Explain database connectivity in PHP with example.

(c) What is query string? How is it transmitted to the server with the GET and POST methods?

(a) What PHP can do with header () function?

The header() function in PHP is used to send HTTP headers to the client browser. It allows PHP scripts to send additional information along with the HTML output, such as setting cookies, redirecting the user to a new page, and controlling browser caching.

Here are some common uses of the header() function in PHP:

  1. Set the Content-Type header to specify the type of data being sent (e.g. text/html, application/json, image/png).
  2. Set the Location header to redirect the user to a new page.
  3. Set the Expires header to control browser caching.
  4. Set cookies using the Set-Cookie header

(b) Create an HTML and JavaScript program which accepts N as input and print first N odd numbers.

(c) Explain PHP? How can you connect to database in PHP? Show the simple database operation using PHP with proper example.

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